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The Lessons of 12 Angry Men

Not everything is at it seems.




Crime, Drama

Sidney Lumet

Reginald Rose

Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam

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The jury in a murder trial is forced to more cautiously analyze evidence and reconsider their assumptions by a skeptical member with an eye for detail.


This movie is old, it is in black and white and it is basically shot in one single room – thus, and because of all this, it destroys any dogma and clearly proves that cinematic masterpieces can be found anywhere.
The acting is outstanding, each actor representing their character extraordinarily, with attitudes ranging from arrogance to skepcticism, gullibleness or opportunism. Moreover, the characters themselves are drawn in a very relatable way, further envolving the viewer and increasing the imersiveness of the movie. This, coupled with engaging dialogues and hooking monologues, makes the user forget that the movie is basically shot in a single room. The movie also tackles an important issue related with the flaws of the law, cleverly represented by characters hastily casting their vote to quickly finish the trial, showing that even a highly-regarded branch of government – the judicial branch – is based on real people and, thus, prone to its inherent biases and errors.
The character played by Henry Fonda, through logic, reflection and pondering, and in an incredibly ingenious and captivating way, shows us that not everything is as it may initially seem, that we need to cast away any prejudice or biases we may have, that having an open-minded attitude will always be more helpful than arrogance or intransigence, that we should believe in good and fight for it.
This movie is a remarkable experience and a gem from another era, carrying with it pertinent meanings and life lessons. Highly recommended.

by YKW // 3 September 2022

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