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The One (Wo)man Show of
Tash Sultana

A reflection on the icon of women emancipation

Tash Sultana performing in Sydney, 2018.


Tash Sultana is the name of the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and singer, born in Melbourne, Australia. Although her first EP “Notion” as a solo artist was only recorded in 2016, she is getting increasingly more famous as time passes, delivering the ultimate One (Wo)Man Show, while remaining loyal to her principles and style, which can be noted by the fact that she does not use an artist alias – she simply performs as Tash Sultana.


When it comes to composing and genre, Sultana is quite creative. One of her works that helped kick-start her solo career was definitely the song “Jungle”, also released in a video format on 2016 on social media. The song itself, which can be heard down below, is a good example on the mastery that the artist has already achieved, not only on guitar playing but also on song production, by adding different chords as layers in repeatance throughout the song, ensuring that the overall song density progressively increases, resulting in an outstanding harmony.

“Jungle” is more than just a song that serves as introduction for Tash Sultana’s artwork, as it can be appreciated over and over again due to its groovy harmony, also perfectly correlated with the non-pretentious music video released by the artist, recorded in what seems to be her living room. At a certain point, the attentive audience can even spot one of Sultana’s pets on the background of the video, wandering freely throughout the room, revealing a sense of coziness and familiarity.


More than a musician, Tash Sultana is a living example of women emancipation, not only by being an exquisite and recognized great guitar player in music genres which are more frequently played by men, but also by being able to deliver a high quality show performances on stage by her own. 

It is no coincidence that the Australian musician performs frequently in New Zealand, the country where women were first allowed to vote, in 1893. The artist is, and will continue to be, an example of the struggle against gender inequality and prejudice against sexual orientation for many years to come, while everything that she already achieved is more impressive given the fact that she is currently only 26 years old.

On the right side, one can hear “Terra Firma”, Tash Sultana’s most recent album.

by YKW // 24 March 2022

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