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The Menu

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The Menu



Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Mark Mylod

Seth Rice, Will Tracy

Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult

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The story reflects on the world of gastronomical critics, the details and limits behind the concept of haute cuisine and ultimately the flaws of the human condition.


The movie action unfolds in an island, fostering an idea of exclusivity and isolation from the real, external world. Indeed, only the ones lucky (and wealthy) enough were selected to be served a special menu prepared by Chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) and his team.

Although the small group of customers selected might look diverse at first sight, all participants shared one aspect in common that would be extensively explored by Chef Slowik.

If there was any aspect topping the astonishing performances of Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy was definitely the director’s mastery on keeping the mystery and suspense aura throughout the movie – at each moment the audience was only aware of few details of the plot, nearly making us feel like we’re sitting together with the confused customers.

Although the movie is not intended to reach a broad audience due to its rawness, its criticism is notorious and covers multiple aspects of society like influence peddling, unqualified open critics, infidelity or egoism. It is with bitterness but without surprise that we saw The Menu out of any Academy Awards nominations.

Should I watch it?

Definitely! If you’re looking for a great thriller, with unexpected twists and plenty of sharp and meaningful criticism, it seems that you are ready to order!

by YKW // 18 March 2023

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