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Themed Quiz // 3

Welcome to our third Themed Quiz! Test your flag and geography knowledge and get started with our 10 Flag Trivia Questions!

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What is the name of the study of flag history, symbolism and usage?


This term curiously derives from the two words from different origins – Vexillum (Latin word for flag) and Logia (Greek word for study).

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somalia 10 trivia questions flag you know what blog

What element is missing from this image to obtain the flag of Somalia?

A White Star.

In order to obtain the correct flag for this African country you would have to add a white star symbol in the center of the flag:

somalia flag you know what blog

Artwork credits @fimoflagsoftheworld

denver colorado flag trivia questions you know what blog

What American state is this the flag of?


Arizona, also known as the Grand Canyon State, was the last of the contiguous states to be admitted in the union (48th – Arizona, 49th – Alaska, 50th – Hawaii).

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State location in the USA map:

arizona usa state location

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OPEC flags trivia questions

With what organization can you associate this flag?


OPEC stands for “Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries” and was founded in 1960 in Baghdad by Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Venezuela.

The organization kept expanding and counts nowadays with 13 members from different continents and with headquarters in Vienna, Austria (although this is not a member-country).

Artsakh flag

With what region can you associate this flag?

Artsakh Republic / Nagorno Karabakh.

This region is landlocked within Azerbaijan and is currently in dispute between this country and Armenia.

Artwork credits @fimoflagsoftheworld

france flag you know what flag trivia questions

Between 1815 and 1830, the French flag had only 1 color. Which one?


The single-colored white flag was used as a symbol during the Bourbon Restoration – the period following the fall of Napoleon.

The three-colored flag would be officially back in 1830 after July Revolution that deposed the House of Bourbon in favor of the House of Orléans.

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question mark you know what blog quiz

What is the oldest country flag in use nowadays?

The flag of Denmark.

The current flag version was first designed in 1219 and was later adopted by the country in 1625. It has been continuously used ever since.

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you know what blog flag trivia questions

What countries were involved in a flag incident in the Olympic Games of 1936?

Liechtenstein and Haiti

It was only in the opening ceremony that it was realized that both countries had a similar flag. In order to find a temporary solution on the spot, for the ceremony Liechtenstein used its flag upside down and with a crown symbol on top and Haiti added the national crest.

In the following year, Liechtenstein would change their National flag to the version still used nowadays.

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Basque Country flag flag trivia questions you know what blog

What is the capital city of the Spanish territory that uses this flag?


This is the flag of the Basque country and, although its largest city is Bilbao, its capital city is Vitoria-Gasteiz, also simply referred to as Vittoria.

Artwork credits @fimoflagsoftheworld

Basque country location:

Basque Country location


guinness world records flag trivia questions

According to the Guinness Book, what was the largest flag ever produced?

Romanian national flag.

According to the Guinness World Records, a Romanian national flag was produced in 2013 to become the largest one in the world – it measured 349 x 227 meters, approximately the same area as 3 football fields!

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