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SUV quiz you know what

What is the meaning of the acronym SUV?

Sport Utility Vehicle.

These class of vehicles is characterized by the combination of common road cars with some elements of off-road.

carthage vs rome general knowledge quiz

What is the name of the set of wars between Rome and Carthage?

Punic Wars.

This is the term given to the set of 3 wars fought between these empires, triggered in the island of Sicily in 264 BC, following the attempt of the Roman Empire to expand to an island controlled by the Carthaginians.

The third and last Punic War was fought entirely in the North of Africa (present day Tunisia) and resulted in the destruction of the Carthage, ultimately leading those territories being absorbed by the Roman Empire.

sargasso sea

What is the only sea without any coastline?

The Sargasso Sea.

The Sargasso Sea is the only sea that does not have any land boundaries or coastline. It is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and it is circled on the west by the Gulf Stream, on the north by the North Atlantic Current, on the east by the Canary Current and on the south by the North Atlantic Equatorial Current.

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bilderberg meeting netherlands

Which conference was established in 1954 between Europe and North America as a way to prevent a third World War?

Bilderberg Conference.

The first edition was held in Bilderberg, Netherlands, and while the initial goal was to foster dialogue and cooperation to prevent another world war, its focus has since shifted – European and North American leaders, politicians, academics and other influential figures gather annually to discuss various political, economic and social issues.

crocodile hunter you know what blog

What is the name of this Australian personality, also know as "The Crocodile Hunter"?

Steve Irwin.

Irwin became better known for his wildlife show The Crocodile Hunter (1996-2004) but also hosted multiple other documentary series, most of those focused on reptiles. 

Ironically, The Crocodile Hunter would meet is death within nature in 2006, but in an incident not related with reptiles – but by being stung by a stingray.

temple of debod madrid spain general knowledge quiz

Which temple in Madrid was a gift from Egypt?

Temple of Debod.

In 1959 the Egyptian government agreed to build the Aswan Dam, a plan that threatened multiple monuments and archeological sites, mainly in Egypt and Sudan. To prevent this, the Egyptian and Sudanese nations sought assistance from UNESCO, which in turn invited multiple countries to help excavate and preserve all the legacy that would be lost. Spain was one of the first countries that agreed to help. In exchange for their assistance, Egypt and Sudan donated to the Spanish Government thousands of objects found at the archeological sites and the Egyptian government also donated the Temple of Debod, which was relocated to Madrid between 1970 and 1972.
Besides Debod, Egypt also donated the Temple of Dendur to the USA, Temple of Taffeh to the Netherlands and the Temple of Ellesyia to Italy.

the lord of the rings trivia questions

Who composed the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Howard Shore.

In case you missed it, feel free to take a look at our The Lord of The Rings themed quiz, published last month!

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method man wu tang clan

Who is this former member of the Wu-Tang Clan?

Method Man.

Clifford Smith Jr, better known as Method Man, is an American rapper and a former member of the icon rap band Wu-Tang Clan.
Method Man is also a famous actor, having taken part in films and TV showns such as How High (2001), Garden State (2004) and The Wire (2002-2008).

sous vide

What French term describes a cooking technique where food is cooked and served in a sealed airtight pouch?


The sous-vide cooking technique consists of placing food in a sealed pouch or jar and letting it cook for long periods of time (in some cases, a few days). Since the objective is to cook the dish evenly, both inside and outside, the temperature used is lower than usual.

To whom is this quote associated?

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"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

J. Robert Oppenheimer

One of the leaders of the Manhattan Project, Oppenheimer quoted this phrase from Hindu scripture after the first successful test of the atomic bomb in 1945.

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