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darts target you know what blog general knowledge quiz

In darts, how much points is the outer bullseye worth?

25 points.

The center target, also referred to as bullseye, is divided into the outer and inner regions, worth 25 and 50 points, respectively.

country flags

What is the only country flag that depicts humans?

The flag of Belize.

The current flag was adopted in 1981 after the country became independent from the United Kingdom.

belize flag you know what

cinema film mise en scene

In cinema, which French term refers to the stage design and arrangement of actors?


The french term corresponds to the arrangement of the actors, scenery, props, etc. on the stage for a theatre of film prodution.

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lancia logo quiz you know what blog

From what country is the car manufacturer Lancia?


This car manufacturer, nowadays part of Fiat, was founded in 1906 in Turin by Vincenzo Lancia.

africa fashoda

Which Sudanese region was the center of territorial disputes between France and Britain in 1898?


During the second half of the 19th century, specifically following the Berlin Conference, the colonialist fervor in Europe was at an all time high. Building on this, both France and Britain began looking to consolidate their colonial empires, aiming to unite their territories – France pursued control over the Sahel, looking for a link between the Niger and Djibouti; England sought to unite their Southern, Eastern and Northern colonies and protectorates, from South Africa to Egypt.
Drawing these lines on the map, they intersect in Sudan, more specifically in the state of Fashoda – in 1898, a French expedition in this region sought to secure control in this state. Tensions somewhat increased between the France and Britain, but after heavy British pressure, France ceded the territory.

how i met your mother cast

The word "sitcom" is composed of what 2 other words?

Situation Comedy / Situational Comedy.

This genre of comedy show, one of the most appreciated, mostly consists of a fixed group of characters that are present in each episode.

On the picture one can observe part of the cast of How I met Your Mother – one of the most beloved sitcoms of the last decades.

Simu Hayha quiz you know what

What was the nickname of the sniper Simo Häyhä?

White Death.

This Finnish sniper is often considered the deadliest of all time after being able to hunt down more than 500 enemies during the Winter War (1939-1940).

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atm machine you know what blog

What does the acronym ATM stands for?

Automated Teller Machine.

Although the first money dispensers are reported to have been used in Japan in the 1960’s, the first ATM machine came to use in London, in a Barclays Bank dependency.

Tina Modotti quiz ykw

With what artistic field is Tina Modotti associated?


Although Modotti was a prolific actress, model, and political activist, it was as a photographer that she would become better known.

After moving to Mexico, the Italian artist would join the Mexican Communist Party, developing personal bonds with names like Frida Kahlo, Lupe Marín, or Diego Rivera, and focused her art in the “social realities” of the country.

The picture shows a Tina Modotti portrait made in 1921 by her husband Edward Weston.

In which movie can you find this iconic quote?

Click on it to find out the answer!

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
This movie directed by John Hughes and starring Matthew Broderick in the main role, tells us the story of a rebel youngster, his tough relation with high school routine and his peculiar vision of different aspects of life.

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