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gullivers travels jonathan swift

Who wrote "Gulliver's Travels"?

Jonathan Swift.

The Irish clergyman and writer published this book in 1726. It became a world renowned work due to its satirical nature, critiquing different aspects of society and institutions and bringing to light diverse human and social flaws, such as inequality and corruption.

Thames River London easy general knowledge questions

In what European capital can you sail the River Thames?


This river is the second longest in the Great Britain (only after the River Severn).

After its source in Thames Head, the river flows through different British towns including Oxford, Reading, London, and discharges into the sea near Southend.

actor general knowledge quiz

What is the name of this actor?

Elijah Wood.

The American actor is best known for his participation in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, as Frodo Baggins.

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general knowledge quiz band ykw

What is this band?

The Kooks.

The indie pop band formed in Brighton in 2004 consists of Luke Pritchard (vocals/rhythm guitar), Hugh Harris (lead guitar/synth), and Alexis Nunez (drums).

Within their 6 studio albums, the band released some well-known hits including “Naive,” “She Moves in Her Own Way,” “Ooh La,” “Shine On,” and “Let’s Go Sunshine.”

Sternocleidomastoid muscle

What is the name of this muscle?

Sternocleidomastoid muscle.

The sternocleidomastoid muscle, often abbreviated SCM, is one of the largest and most superficial cervical muscles. Its name derives from its attachments to the sternum (sterno), clavicle (cleido), and mastoid process of the temporal bone (mastoid). It is clearly observable when rotating the head and assists in all sorts of head movements, as well as in breathing exercises.

south china sea spratly paracell

Can you identify these 2 sets of islands in the South China Sea?

1. Paracell Islands ; 2. Spratly Islands.

These two islands in the South China Sea are highly disputed due to their economic and geopolitical relevance. Countries like China, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei fight over their sovereignty due to, for instance, their reserves of oil and natural gas, fishing areas and place among some of the busiest maritime trade routes.

al gore picture you know what blog

What is the name of the famous documentary about climate change by Al Gore?

An Inconvenient Truth.

This documentary aimed to explore and generate awareness for the climate change and would later be recognized with the Academy Award for best Documentary in 2007. 

In the same year, its creator Al Gore would also receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

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I love lucy series general knowledge quiz you know what blog

What is the name of this TV show classic, centered in the character Lucy Ricardo?

I love Lucy.

This 6-season long TV series was one of the most watched shows of its time in the USA.

The show had as protagonist Lucy Ricardo (played by Lucille Ball). Curiously, her husband in the series (Ricky Ricardo) was played by her husband in real life (Desi Arnaz).

Roman monument you know what blog

With what Roman Emperor did the Rome Colosseum start being constructed?


Although complex, the construction works of this Wonder of the World “only ” lasted 9 to 10 years, or even less according to some sources.

As Vespasian passed away during the construction works, the inaugural games would only be seen by his son and successor – the Emperor Titus.

Picture credits @inessoaress3

Word Play: What word can be related to these other four?


Mars Attacks! – A 1996 movie directed by Tim Burton.

Massive Attack – English trip-hop band formed in 1988.

Terrorist Attack

Attack on Titan – Japanese manga series created in 2013.


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?

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