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Themed Quiz // 8

Welcome to our How I Met Your Mother Quiz! Grab your Bro Codes and take a shot at this 10 question quiz (+ 1 bonus)!

Theme: How I Met Your Mother


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how i met your mother quiz barney stinson
What is the name of the bar where the main characters often hang out?

What is Ted Mosby's profession?

What is the name of Robin Scherbatsky's pop star alter ego in Canada?

What musical instrument does Ted steal for Robin in a restaurant?

What is the name of the building that Zoe wants to save, due to its cultural significance?

What clothing piece is Barney forced to wear after losing a bet?

What is the name of Robin's co-host on Metro News 1?

Who is the mother of Ted's children?

What is the name of Marshall's band in college?

What is the full name of Marshall and Lily's son?

For the hardcore fans – what is the name of the teen singer who starred in the kids show Space Teens alongside Robin Sparkles?

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