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Mythology Trivia Questions

Welcome to our Mythology themed quiz! Do you have what it takes to enter the Olympus?

Theme: Mythology


Which mount was home to the Greek Gods?

Which Norse God, gatekeeper of Asgard and Bifrost, was portrayed by Idris Elba in the Marvel Universe?

Who slayed Medusa?

According to Egyptian myth, what item was a person's heart weighed against when they died?

Who was the Roman God of fire and forge, whose Greek equivalent was Hephaestus?

In Norse Mythology, how many legs did Slepinir have?

Who was Odysseus faithful wife?

All Japanese Emperors were thought to be descendants the goddess of the sun. What was its name?

What was Oedipus mother's name?

What is the name of the African mythology of which the supreme God is called Olorun?

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Mythology Trivia Questions Ad Content

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