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Pokémon Trivia Questions

Do you have what it takes to travel the world and Catch ‘Em All?

Theme: Pokémon


What is Charizard's type?

What are Jessie and James signature Pokémon?

What is the only Pokémon with 1 base HP?

What is the only Pokémon that can learn every TM and HM move?

Which move, introduced in Generation lll, raises the user's attack and speed stats by 1 stage each?

What was the most recent Pokémon type be introduced?

Which Pokémon is able to sense the coming of natural disasters?

What does EV stand for?

There are 2 Pokémon tied for the heaviest Pokémons. One is Cosmoem – what is the other one?

In the Pokémon universe, how was Ash's mother called?

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Pokémon Trivia Questions Ad Content

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