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Golden Temple

In which country is this building located?

Also known as Harmandir Sahib, the Golden Temple is located in Amritsar, in the state of Punjab and it is the most relevant religious and spiritual site for the Sikhs (also known as Gurdwara – a place of worship for the Sikhs). It has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The construction of this Gurdwara finished in 1589 under the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar I. During the 20th century, the Golden Temple would also be the centre of a bloodshed between Sikhs and British colonialists (Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Operation Blue Star) as well as between radical Sikh movements and the government of India (1955 Golden Temple Raid).
Nowadays, it is open for people from all faiths and is visited by more than 100,000 people everyday.

How many stripes are there in the USA flag?

There are 13 white and red stripes on the american flag, one per each of the original states at the date of foundation:

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

United States of America flag without stripes
netflix logo

In which year was Netflix created?


The creation of Netflix (by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings) dates back to 1997 starting out as a DVD movie rental business.

Users might order the DVD movie on the Netflix website and receive those in the post together with an envelope for the further returning.

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What is the name of the famous 3 line poems of Japanese origin?

Haiku poems.
Haiku is a form of poetry from Japan, which important has grown on the 17th century mostly by the hand of Matsuo Basho.
Traditionally, a Haiku should follows the pattern of 5 syllabes on the first line, 7 on the second one and 5 on the third one.

haiku quiz
whistlers mother quiz

What is the name of this painting, homage to the painter's mother?

Whistler’s Mother.
James Whistler painted his most famous oil on canvas in 1871.
The picture is a good example of the Realism movement and got even more famous worldwide after the appearance on the comedy movie Bean (1997).

What is the name of this musical instrument?

Glass Harmonica.
The Glass Harmonica was created in 1761 by Benjamin Franklin and it is well known for the soundtrack of the Harry Potter series.
Both Mozart and Beethoven composed themes for being played on this instrument

glass harmonica instrument
Albert Einstein picture

For which discovery was Albert Enstein granted the Nobel Prize in Physics?

Discovery of the Photoeletric Effect.
Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 not only for his research on theoretical physics but also, and mainly, for the discovery of photoelectric effect.
His General Theory of Relativity was not mentioned for this award since it was still considered to be controversial by the time

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Dendrophobia is the fear of what?

Dendro is the greek word for “Tree” while Phobos is the greek god that serves as personification of fear.
It is usually triggered by traumatic childhood experiences.

fear picture
Alexander Lukashenko

Since what year has Lukashenko been the President of Belarus?

Alexander Lukashenko is the first and current president of Belarus since 1994.
On that year, a new constitution was adopted and the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Belarus was no longer considered to be the head of the state – this role was to be taken by the President of Belarus, an office just created.
He is currently the longest serving president in Europe.

Rod Laver became famous for practicing which sport?

Rod Laver is considered by many as one of the best tennis players of all time, by winning 198 singles titles during the “pre-Open Era” on which the Grand Slam tournments only allowed amateur participants.
The australian won 11 Grand Slam titles before becoming a professional player.

Rod Laver

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