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Quiz // 12


kyle gass and jack black concert

What is the name of the band started by Jack Black and Kyle Gass?

Tenacious D.

This American comedy duo created the rock band in 1994 and would later enroll in a TV Series with the same name (1997-2000) and then a movie – Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006).

The band has released 4 albums to date and has already been awarded a Grammy Prize Award in 2015.


Who was the first Duke of Wellington?

Arthur Wellesley.

Wellesley is better known for leading a coalition of English, Portuguese and Spanish troops on the Peninsular War, and finally defeating Napoleon Bonaparte on the Waterloo War in Belgium.

After his military achievements, he also served twice as the Prime Minister of UK (1928-1930 and 1934).


sport sepak takraw game

What game is being played by these athletes?

Sepak Takraw.

This team sport (from 2 to 4 players each team) was standardized in 1960 in Malaysia and quickly gained popularity within other southeastern Asian countries.

Each point always starts with a service and then each team has no more than 3 touches to avoid having the ball touch the field and to return the ball to the opposite side of the net, without using hands and arms.

Also known as “kick volleyball”, it is considered to be Malaysia’s national sport.

What was the heaviest dinosaur?


As suggested by its naming, the first fossils of this dinosaur were found in Argentina, in a region on which the species is believed to have lived from 92 to 96 million years ago.

The animal is estimated to have achieved a weight in the range 60-90 tonnes and a length from 30 to 39 meters. 

heaviest dinosaur
youtube logo

What is the Youtuber with the most subscribers to the date?


The Swedish Youtuber Felix Kjellberg started his channel in 2010 and currently holds the records for most subscribtions (circa 111 million subscriptions). 

As a gamer, most of the content published by PewDiePie is gameplay related and, although the Youtuber plays many different videogames, he has a special dedication to Minecraft.

What is the name of this specific point in the ocean?

Point Nemo.

This point is located in the Pacific Ocean, and by standing more than 1000 miles from any land, it is the most remote point on the surface of the planet.

Due to the safe distance to land, this location was also selected by NASA to be the crash site and graveyard for spacial debris.

nemo point oceanic pole of inaccessibility
abraham lincoln daguerreotype

What term described the first photographic process?


This method invented by Louis Daguerre in 1839 consists on using a light sensitive surface (usually, a sheet of copper treated with iodine fumes) was widely used until the 1860’s, when other more reliable alternatives appeared.

On the side one can observe Abraham Lincoln, in a daguerreotype from 1846.

What is the name of this video game?

Prince of Persia.

Released in 1989, Prince of Persia is the first of a series of games with the same name, developed for multiple platforms.

The user plays as a hero inside a medieval dungeon, with the purpose of defeating the evil Jaffar and rescuing an imprisoned princess.

jean baptiste lamarck

With what knowledge area is Jean-Baptiste Lamarck commonly associated?


The French academic born in 1744 is better known for his pioneer studies in biological evolution.

According to Lamarck, the use or disuse of certain biological characteristics of an organism might be passed to its descendants. This notion of heredity and adaptability to the environment would be explored in the following century, by Charles Darwin.

Word Play: What word can be related to these other four?


Back to Black (2006) – Album by Amy Winehouse

All Blacks – Nickname for the New Zealand national rugby team

Black Panther (2018) – Marvel movie featuring Chadwick Boseman

Orange is the New Black (2013-2019) – TV series awarded with 4 Primetime Emmy Awards featuring Taylor Schilling


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?

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