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Pan American Highway

What is the name of the gap which interrupts the Pan-American Highway?

Darien gap.

This gap across the border between Panama and Colombia of about 106 km interrupts the Pan-American Highway, an highway of approximately 30.000km that would connect the american continent, from the Alaska to Chile and Argentina, if not for this interruption. The gap exists because roadbuilding in the area is very costly, both financially and environmentally. There is currently no active intent to connect the two roadways that now compose the Pan American Highway.

torah cover

With what religion is The Torah associated?


The Torah (or Pentateuch) is another term used to refer to the Hebrew Bible, which is comprised by 5 books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

First Woman Nobel Prize Winner

Who was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize?

Marie Curie.

The scientist born in Warsaw, Poland was indeed the first woman to be recognized with this distinction (in 1903, Nobel Prize in Physics). 

Moreover, she would became later the only person to be awarded with a Nobel Prize for two different fields (after receiving the award in the field of Chemistry, in 1911).

Curie died in 1934, after health complications due to her long exposing times to radiation. Given the later recognition on this effects on the human health, the work conducted by Marie Curie also lead to the development of safety measures to be adopted later by scientists.

David Berkowitz

By what name is the serial killer David Berkowitz commonly known?

Son of Sam.

David Berkowitz killed 6 people and wounded 9 in a highly mediatic killing spree in the 1970s in New York. He escaped the police for about a year, while leaving behind letters ridiculing the police and suggesting further crimes.

After being arrested, David claimed that he was following the orders of a demon inside the body of the dog of his neighbour Sam. After being found mentally able to stand trial and convicted to 6 life sentences, the Son of Sam confirmed that the demon story was false.

Due to the high publicization of the case, the New York State Legislature enacted the commonly know Son of Sam laws, which impedes convicts from financially benefitting from the exposure and publicity generated by their crimes.


Who were the famous Three Tenors?

Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and José Carreras.

The trio of tenors began on the eve of the 1990 FIFA World Cup final in Italy. This debut was so successful that its recording became the best selling album of all time, leading to further live performances, albums and 3 additional appearances in World Cup finals. Their genre was varied, including, for instance, opera, pop or Broadway songs. Their last performance happened in 2003 in Ohio.

Bill Shankly Statue

What English club did Bill Shankly most successfully manage?

Liverpool F.C..

Although the Scottish also managed Carlisle United, Grimsby Town, Workington and Huddersfield Town, he is mostly recognized for the success he achieved in Liverpool.

After being signed in 1959, during the following 15 years, Shankly’s Liverpool would achieve a promotion from the Second Division, win the First Division 3 times, 2 FA Cups and 1 UEFA Cup. During the period, the club also adopted the emblematic red jerseys, and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as the club anthem.

Bill Shankly is considered to be one of the best managers of all time.


From which country does the chess term "Checkmate" originate?


The term Checkmate originates from the Persian phrase “shah mat“, meaning “The King is helpless”. Prior to the 1979 Iranian Revolution which put the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in power, Iran was a monarchy and its leaders were known by the royal title “Shah“, the last being Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Minotaur Slaying Sculpture Antonio Canova

According to the myth, who killed the Minotaur?


According to the myth, the beast was a result from an unnatural relation between a woman and a bull. As the Minotaur grew, it became increasingly more ferocious leading the Minoan king to order Deadalus and Icharus to create an enormous labyrinth, with the purpose of imprisoning the monster.

After conducting more and more assassinations, it was decided that the Minotaur had to be slayed. The Greek hero Theseus appeared as a volunteer and was able to do the job only by using a club.

On the side one can observe “Theseus and the Minotaur”, a sculpture by Antonio Canova finished in 1782.

sea of tranquility

Where can you find the Sea of Tranquility?

On the Moon.

This lunar region is actually composed by solidified lava. However, due to its appearance from the outer space, it was baptized as a “sea” by Neil Armstrong.

The Sea of Tranquility was also the landing site for Apollo 11, in the 20th of July 1969.

Word Play: What word can be related to these other four?


Times Square – Emblematic location in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

Modern Times (1936) – Movie starring and directed by Charles Chaplin.

New York Times – American daily newspaper created in 1851.

Times Like These – Foo Fighters song, part of the album One by One, released in 2003.


Common word?


Common word?

New York

Common word?

Like These

Common word?

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