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Religion Star Symbol quiz

To what religion is this symbol related?


Druze is a monotheistic religion with a significant presence in Lebanon and Syria, named after Muhammad ad-Darazi, a 11th Century preacher.

The colored 5 pointed star stands for the values of this religion – truth, soul, word, will and matter.

After the ISIS declared the Druze to be “infidels”, the later became recently targets for violence caused by religious extremists.


How was the official security service of the German Democratic Republic called?


Created in 1950, this intelligence agency was regarded as one of the most effective and repressive secret police agents of the Cold War.
Closely linked with the Soviet Union, the Stasi was mainly responsible foreign and internal espionage as well as suppresion of dissident movements.

Amazon CEO quiz

Who is the current CEO of Amazon?

Andy Jassy.

The American businessman was already vice-president and CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for 18 years, until succeeding Jeff Bezos as the CEO of Amazon, in 2021.


Which river is divided into its White and Blue counterparts?

The Nile.

The longest river in Africa and one of the longest in the world, the Nile has 2 major contributaries – the White Nile, beginning in Lake Victoria (which is divided among 3 countries – Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) and the Blue Nile, beginning in Ethiopia. The two contributaries meet in Karthoum, the capital of Sudan.

The Blue Nile is the source of about 85% of the water of the Nile river, a fact that carries a significant geopolitical impact – in 2011, Ethiopia began the construction of the Grand Renaissane Dam on the Nile, the largest dam in Africa once completed and among the 20 largest in the world. Its purpose will mainly be the production of electricity but such a control over the Nile’s flow gives Ethiopia significant leverage, something that downstream countries (Sudan and Egypt) are not very keen on. 

Tom Hanks Picture quiz

With what movies was Tom Hanks awarded with the Oscar for Best Actor?

Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994).

With the Oscar Award distinction for Hanks’ remarkable interpretation in Forrest Gump, the actor would become one of the few to receive the award for best actor in two consecutive years. To date, only Spencer Tracy was able to achieve so in 1937 and 1938. 

Sun Vitamin

What vitamin is produced by the human body after sun exposure?

Vitamin D.

Although the human body can produce vitamin D from other sources, the daily exposure to the sun from 15 to 30 minutes can actually help the body to produce this vitamin.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Jules Rimet

How many different nationals teams have won the FIFA World Cup?


The trophy was raised by Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Brazil, England, Argentina, Spain and France.

Given the increase on the number of female players and clubs on the sport, FIFA created the Women’s World Cup in 1991. This competition was already won by the USA, Japan and Norway.

Island Landscape Church European Country

In what European country can you find this landmark?


Lake Bled is one of the most famous landmarks in the country, attracting tourists not only by its picturesque beauty but also by the small church built in the center of the lake in the 17th Century.

According to the legend, after desiring for a wish and ringing the church bell three times, the wish becomes true.

Chartist_meeting_on_Kennington_Common quiz

Which country is associated with the Chartism movement?


Alive from 1838 to 1857, Chartism was a working-class movement that fought for political, social and economic reforms in Britain.

Most reforms demanded by the movement regarded suffrage and Parliament reforms. The movement was not successful, but many of the reforms defended would eventually be adopted in Britain.

Conor McGregor Athlete quiz

For what sport is Conor McGregor mostly recognized?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Conor McGregor is a Mixed Martial Arts professional born in Dublin, Ireland in 1988. McGregor is best known for his record holding pay-per-view MMA matches, and for becoming the first MMA athlete to win the UFC Championship title in two different classes at the same time (featherweight and lightweight).

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