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Quiz // 19


La Scala Milano Opera

Mostly used in the musical world, what does presto mean?


This word, already used by many other languages, originally comes from the Italian dictionary and is frequently used to describe the musical tempo of a song.


To what mythic organization does this symbol belong?


Although there is a significant mystery and mysticism around this organization, it is believed that it played a major impact in numerous events in history.

This fraternal organization is believed to count with 6 million members worldwide nowadays, and to play a silent role in politics and society since its creation in France, in the 13th Century.

Blood Type Cells

Which blood type is the universal donor?

O- (negative).

The blood type O- is the only one that can be donated to all the remaining blood types. Unfortunately, only about 7% of the world population has this blood type.

Bonus Trivia: The most common blood type is O+ (37% of world population)

King Louis XIV of France

Who was the longest reigning monarch?

King Louis XIV of France.

Also known as the Sun King, Louis XIV reigned for the impressive period of 72 years and 110 days, starting when he was just a 5 year old child, at the date of his coronation.

In the picture, one can observe a painting by Hyacinthe Rigaud portraying the French monarch.

Grand Theft Auto Logo 1997

What studio developed the GTA game series?

Rockstar Games.

In the image, one can observe the logo of the first title of the series, released in 1997.

The game series grew in popularity throughout time and the most recent title to date (Grand Theft Auto V) released in 2013, sold more than 165 million copies worldwide, only surpassed by Minecraft.

Donauinselfest Festival

In what European country can you attend to the Donauinselfest?


With a record of 3 million attendees across 3 days, the Donauinselfest is the largest open air music festival in the world.

The festival is held annually in the artificial island of Donauinsel, located in Vienna.

When can this advice be useful for you?

When encountering a bear.

This mnemonic advice can indeed save your life. Considering that the black bears usually avoid confrontation with menacing predators, one should try to gesticulate and scream in order to scare them away.

Brown bears are not usually easy to scare. However, since they usually live in an environment with plenty of food sources, they will likely avoid to eat any carcasses, which makes playing dead a good way to avoid them.

As for polar bears, since they usually live in tough environments with scarce food, nature taught them to hunt down anything that they might eat. Theoretically, a human would stand no chance of surviving, thus the goodnight.


Amaterasu Cave

With what mythology is the deity Amaterasu associated?

Japanese mythology.

Amaterasu, the sun goddess, is one of the central figures in the Japanese mythology.

It is also claimed that Emperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan, was a descendant from Amaterasu, evoking a divine lineage for the Japanese rulers.

Armand Duplantis quiz

In what Olympic sport is Armand Duplantis distinguished?

Pole Vault.

The 22 year old Swedish athlete became the Olympic Champion in Tokyo 2021 and would in the following year establish a new world record (6.21 m).

Word Play: What word can be related to these other four?


Tower of London – Historic castle located in London, UK 

London Calling (1979) – Album by The Clash.

Jack London – American writer.

London Eye – Emblematic landmark in London, UK.


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?

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