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Carter and Deng Xiaoping

What is the name of this former leader of the People's Republic of China, sitting next to Jimmy Carter?

Deng Xiaoping.
Rising to power in 1978 after forcing Hua Guofeng (Mao Zedong’s designated successor) out of the throne, Deng Xiaoping is known as the “Architect of Modern China”. He led China through a series of economic and social reforms, such as replacing a centralized, planned economy with a “socialist market economy”. His reforms centered around the idea of the “four modernizations” – economy, agriculture, scientific and technological and national defense and included opening up markets to foreign investment, introducing the vast Chinese workforce into the global market, de-collectivization of agriculture, granting more rights and incentives to producers, allowing the existence of private businesses and price control lifting.
He was, however, criticized for the way his government dealt with the 1989 Tinanmen Square protests.

How was the city of "Ho Chi Minh City" called before the Vietnam war?

Located in the south of Vietnam, this city became a financial center in the region during the French rule in the Indochina. During the Vietnam war, Saigon was the capital of South Vietnam and its name was changed to Ho Chi Minh City after the North Vietnam (aided by the Soviet Union and China) occupied this city, ending the war, with South Vietnam (aided by the USA) defeated. Ho Chi Minh was a communist Vietnamese revolucionary and politician who fought against French occupation and a key figure during the Vietnam War.


Which famous monument was converted into a Mosque in 2020?

Hagia Sophia.
Built in 537 in the Byzantine Empire as a church, it was converted into a mosque into 1453 after the Ottoman Empire (of Muslim religion) conquered the Byzantines. In 1935, the Turkish Republic, far more secular than its Ottoman predecessor, converted the Hagia Sophia into a museum. In 2020, this monument was converted again into a mosque – some theories suggest that this happened as an attempt of the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to persuade the most religious turkish population into supporting him.

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How many times has Meryl Streep been nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress In A Leading Role?

17 times.
The Post, Florence Foster Jenkins, August: Osage County, The Iron Lady (won), Julie & Julia, Doubt, The Devil Wears Prada, Music of the Heart, One True Thing, The Bridges of Madison County, Postcards from the Edge, Evil Angels, Ironweed, Out of Africa, Silkwood, Sophie’s Choice (won) and The French Lieutenant’s Woman.
Furthermore, Streep also has 4 nominations for Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Into the Woods, Adaptation, Kramer vs Kramer (won) and The Deer Hunter.
Meryl Streeps has, thus, an astounding 21 Oscar nominations, the record for all actors in the history of cinema. The second place belongs to Katharine Hepburn with 12 nominations.


The Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid has a very characteristic detail in the majority of her projects. What is it?

Her work rarely features 90 degree angles.
Described as the “Queen of Curve”, some of her projects include the Guangzhou Opera House, London Aquatics Centre, the Riverside Museum in Glasgow or the Galaxy SOHO in Beijing.

Who is the author of the book "Homage to Catalonia", published in 1938?

George Orwell.
Orwell travelled to Catalonia as a reporter during the Spanish Civil War but quickly joined the revolution and the antifascist movement. This book details his experience during this period (from December 1936 to June 1937) and is currently regarded as one of the most important books about this conflict.

esperanto quiz

What is the name of the language created with the goal of establishing an easy, universal language for international communication?

Created in 1887, this language, however, has not been widely adopted, with an estimated number of worldwide speakers of 10 to 12 million. 
In 1920, after the creation of the League of Nations, there was an attempt to implement this language as the official language of the organization, but this idea was also short-lived.

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What is represented in this map ?

Number of journalists killed by country since 1993. 1490 in total.

Map from the UNESCO website.

Chris Hadfield quiz

In 2015, the Canadian Chris Hadfield released a music album with a very peculiar characteristic. What is it?

All the musics in this album were recorded in space.
The album called “Space Sessions: Songs for a Tin Can” contains 12 musics recorded during the 144 days the Hadfield spent in the International Space Station (Hadfield is both a musician and an austronaut)

What is the name of the only African football player awarded with a Ballon d'Or?

George Weah.
Weah was awarded with ballon d’Or while playing for AC Milan in 1995. The Liberian is currently serving as the 25th national president of the same country.

2019 U.S. Independence Day Celebration at the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia, Liberia

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