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smurfs quiz

What is the nationality of Pierre Culliford, the creator of The Smurfs?


Pierre Culliford was born in Brussels and in 1958, under the pseudonym “Peyo”, created the well known blue creatures as part of his comic work “Johan and Peewit”.

After being adapted to an animated production in 1961, the series became more widely known and resulted in the creation of more than 100 unique smurfs, with adjective based names according to their character or personality.

52nd street billy joel

In what was the album 52nd Street by Billy Joel a pioneer?

First album commercialized as a CD.

In 1982, 52nd Street became the first album in history to be recorded in the Compact Disk format.

polar bear skin quiz

What is the color of the skin of an adult polar bear?


Although the thick white fur does not allow us to see the skin color frequently, as a polar bear grows up, its skin becomes black.

Bonus fact: the young bear cubs skin is pink colored.

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madras famine india

In which country did the Madras Famine take place?


From 1876 to 1878, while under British rule, India suffered a famine which caused around 8 million fatalities.

A severe drought in 1876 coupled with extensive exports of wheat by the colonial government to England severely diminished the available resources in the country, causing a large-scale famine.

brexit european flag dover

What artist is associated with this landmark?


The enigmatic activist and artist chose the city of Dover (in South UK, near the border with France) for this artwork in 2017.

Following his usual modus operandi, acting quickly and probably during nighttime, Banksy used this landmark for referencing Brexit in a Coastal city that serves as a strategic connection between the UK and the EU.


battle of trafalgar

Who won the Battle of Trafalgar (1805)?


The Battle of Trafalgar was a major event of the Napoleonic Wars, pitting England against the French and Spanish. 

Napoleon Bonaparte planned to control the English channel and invade England afterwards to assert his European hegemony. To do so, he sent an army lead by the French admiral Villeneuve from the port of Cadiz. Not far from there, near the southwest coast of Spain, he encountered the English fleet under the command of Lord Nelson, seen as many as one of the brightest naval strategists of all time. Although outnumbered, using astute and innovative techniques, Lord Nelson secured a crucial victory for the Coalition which opposed Napoleon.

Lin Manuel Miranda - walk of fame

Who directed the movie "Tick, Tick... BOOM!"?

Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The movie was based in real events and would later be distinguished with 2 Academy Awards nominations (best actor in a leading role and best achievement in film editing).

If you feel curious about the movie, or want to share with us your opinion about it, feel free to take a look at our review of this movie.

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triathlon pictogram logo

In a triathlon competition, what is the first event?


In a triathlon competition, the events follow the order – swimming, cycling, and running.

The sport had its Olympic debut in Sydney 2000, and has always featured the same distances in all 3 competitions since then (1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and finally 10 km running).

blue shield logo

What is meaning of the Blue Shield logo?

To protect cultural heritage.

The Blue Shield was created in 1954 and has been used with the purpose of avoiding destruction or theft of culturally relevant symbols during armed conflicts.

The symbol is more frequently seen on the facade of culturally important buildings and is recognized internationally as “the cultural equivalent of the Red Cross symbol”.

Word Play: What word can be related to these other four?


Golden Temple – Historic location in Punjabe, India. 

GoldenEye (1995) – 17th movie of the James Bond series.

Golden Globe – Prize for excellence in movie and television, awarded yearly since 1944.

Golden Brown – Song released by The Stranglers in 1982.


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?

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