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asclepius medicine quiz

Which type of medical condition usually ends in the suffix -itis?


Inflammations correspond to the bodily response (involving, for instance, white blood cells and blood vessels) to outside harm like pathogens to eventually return to a healthy state. Examples of inflammations are appendicitis, bronchitis, otitis or meningitis. 
There are a few exceptions to this rule (inflammations not ending in -itis) such as pneumonia or asthma.

Can you complete this timeline with the missing philosopher?


Plato is one of the most famous Greek philosophers. He was an apprentice of Socrate and a teacher of Aristotle, the other 2 main pilars of Greek Philosophy. Plato founded the Platonist School of Thought as well as the Academy, an institution to promote learning and thinking. His thinking massively influenced philosophy, with consequences that are still felt to this day.

From what country are these Regions part of?


For historical reasons, some of the Spanish Regions are referred to as “Nationalities” – Andalusia, Aragon the Valencian Community, and the Canary and Balearic Islands.

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quran Islam

What is the name given to someone who has memorized the Quran?


Meaning memorizer, hafiz is a Muslim denomination given to someone who has memorized the entirety of Islam’s holiest book, the Quran. In some places with lower population density, they are revered as religious authorities and their religious knowledge and counselling highly seeked and valued.

Painted Desert

In what country is the Painted Desert located?

United States of America.

The painted desert, best known for its colorful rock formations, is located in Arizona, and it is shared by two different National Parks (Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest).

Dodo extinct animal

What is the name of this animal?


The Dodo was a flightless bird which is, unfortunately, already extinct due to massive hunting and habitat destruction. The bird was endemic to the Mauritius and the last animal is thought to have lived in the 17th Century.

On the picture, one can observe a model and a skeleton, displayed in the Oxford University Museum, in the UK.

spotify top songs quiz

To which band does this Spotify top songs belong?


This American band was one of the earliest alternative rock bands. It was formed in 1980 by Michael Stipe (vocalist), Mike Mills, Peter Buck and Bill Berry in Georgia, USA. The band ended in 2011 (after which the member pursued solo careers) and became one of the most famous and successful bands of all time, selling over 90 millions albums worldwide.

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East of Eden walk journalist - Nat Geo

What journalist is known for the "East of Eden Walk"?

Paul Salopek.

The “East of Eden Walk” is the name of the project started by Salopek in 2013 that aims to reproduce the migration walks that took the first humans out of Africa 200,000 years ago. The journey, started in Ethiopia, is expected to end in the Southern tip of South America, after walking approximately 33,000 km.

negroni cocktail

Which cocktail is made with equal parts of Campari, Gin and Red Vermouth?


This cocktail is usually made in a mixing glass into which the 3 components, as well as ice, are poured and stirred. Afterwards, it is poured into a rocks or old fashioned glass with ice and garnished with an orange peel. It is often served before a meal, thus considered an apéritif.

In which movie can you find this iconic quote?

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"You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am."

On the Waterfront (1954)

This movie directed by Elia Kazan and starring Marlon Brando, tells us the story of ex-fighter who runs errands at the docks and his fight against his corrupt boss. Brando won the oscar for Best Actor with his role in this movie.

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