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family guy you know what blog

In what fictional town is Family Guy set?


This series follows the life of the Griffin family and was created by Seth MacFarlane. Its first episode aired in 1999.

This animated series already counts with more than 400 episodes split across 21 seasons.

you know what blog quiz arch

What style of Islamic Architecture can you identify in the picture?

Moorish Architecture.

This style can be most commonly found in Northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) but also in Spain.

The term “Moorish” comes from the ancient Western European designation of the Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb region.

sergei bubka pole vaulting

In which sport did Sergei Bubka excel at?

Pole Vaulting.

Sergei Bubka was born in Luhansk, in 1963. He represented the Soviet Union until its dissolution, carrying the Ukrainian flag afterwards. He became famous for his incredible feats in pole vaulting, for instance breaking the world record 35 times, being the first athlete to jump 6 meters and 6,10 meters and winning an Olympic goal medal, among many other achievements.

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aardvark dictionary

Which animal usually features as one the first words in an English dictionary?


Oftentimes, the first word in an English dictionary is the simple letter A. The animal aardvark, however, also has a reserved place in the first page. Being the first animal in an English dictionary, the word aardvark derives from the Afrikaans word aardvarkenaarde meaning “earth” and varken meaning “pig”.

John McLaughlin quiz

To what music genre is the Montreux Festival mostly dedicated?


The image shows John McLaughlin, an English guitar player and a pioneer in combining elements from Jazz and other music genres.

McLaughlin was indeed one of the main attractions in multiple editions of the Festival since its creation in 1967.

Visegrad group you know what blog

By what name is this country group also known?

The Visegrád Group.

The group, comprising Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary, consists of a political and cultural alliance, enhancing the cooperation between its members.

Luddite quiz

What legendary character inspired the Luddites?

Ned Ludd.

Although there is no consensus whether Ned Ludd was a real person, he has become a symbol of the struggle for the weaver’s rights.

Indeed, the Luddites were a secret textile organization that aimed to destroy machinery. According to the group, the textile machinery was no more than a workaround the normal labor procedures, rendering hand skills useless, and eventually increasing unemployment.

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100 hundred years war crecy

How many years did the Hundred Years War last?

116 years.

The Hundred Years War was conflict that lasted from 1337 until 1453 and pitted England against France although it ended up growing and involving multiple other European powers. Its origins are mostly related to the disputed claims to the French throne between the French House of Valois and the English House of Plantagenet.

bunker albania

Which country has the largest amount of bunkers in the world?


The Communist dictator Enver Hoxha, who ruled Albania from 1944 until his death in 1985, saw the construction of over 600.000 bunker all over the country. Their main purpose was to serve as look-outs, prevent foreign invasions and to hold military equipment as well as chemical weapons.

To whom is this famous quote usually attributed?

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"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Walt Disney

Walt Disney was an American film producer and a pioneer of the animation industry. He revolutionized cinema by introducing several innovations and currently holds the record of the most Academy Awards won (22) as well as nominations (59) by an individual.

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