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ganges river india

What bay does the river Ganges flow into?

Bay of Bengal.

The Ganges river has a length of 2525 km and flows through India and Bangladesh (in Bangladesh, this river is known as Padma). Historically, this river has had multiple large cities in its banks and religiously it is the most sacred river to Hinduism (worshiped by Hindus as the goddess Ganga). It is currently dangerously threatened by pollution, raising large concerns not only about the multiple species that live in the river, but also about the people who depend on the Ganges for their livelihood.

snoop dogg quiz

What is Snoop Doggs real name?

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.

This rapper, born in 1971 in Long Beach, California, is one of the best known and most successful figures of the rap industry. His presence isn’t limited to the rap scene though as he is also an actor and an entrepeneur.

venus de milo

Which famous statue was found in 1820 on the island of Melos?

Venus de Milo.

This statue is one of the most famous examples of ancient Greek sculpture. It was created between 150 B.C. and 125 B.C by Alexandros of Antioch and was found in 1820 on the island of Melos (or Milos), which was at the time part of the Ottoman Empire. It is currently on display at the Louvre Museum.

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caesarion julius caesar cleopatra

How was the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra named?


Ptolemy XV Caesar, better known as Caesarion, was born on 47 B.C. and ruled Egypt together with Cleopatra between 44 B.C. until the conquest of Egypt by Octavian, the Roman ruler, on 30 B.C..
Caesarion was the only known biological son of Julius Caesar.

carnival mardi gras

Which Carnivalesque celebration is French for Fat Tuesday?

Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras corresponds to the celebrations in the context of the Carnival, occurring between the Epiphany and the Ash Wednesday. Its name is a reference to the rich feasts that usually take place on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

spam world war 2

In the culinary world, what does SPAM mean?

Spiced Ham.

SPAM is processed canned food, mainly consisting of pork shoulder and ham. It gained popularity during World War II – providing fresh food to the frontline troops was a difficult task, and so SPAM became the go-to option for military rations. Due to the American presence and occupations throughout the world during the war, SPAM was also adopted by native diets, currently featuring, for instance, in Hawaiian cuisine.

generic question mark question quiz

What does a lepidopterist study?

Moths and Butterflies.

Lepidopterology is the scientific study of moths and the super-families of butterflies. A lepidopterist is also known as an aurelian, deriving from aurelia, the chrysalis (or pupa) of an insect.

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australia david unaipon da vinci

Who was known as the Australian Da Vinci?

David Unaipon.

Unaipon (1872-1967) was an Aboriginal preacher, author and inventor born during the British Rule in Australia. His inventions, ranging from mechanical inventions like motors and wheels to sheep shears, helped tearing down prejudice against Aboriginal Australian people.
He currently features in the Australian $50 dollar note.

won currency you know what blog quiz

What 2 countries use the term "Won" in their national currency?

North Korea and South Korea.

Indeed, the official currency names are Korean People’s Won and South Korean Won, for North Korea and South Korea, respectively.

The term “Won” was firstly used by the Kingdom of Korea in the beginning of the 20th-Century, a region that comprised the areas of these 2 nowadays countries.

Word Play: What word can be related to these other four?


Book of Shadows – Album released by Zakk Wylde in 1996.

Green Book – Movie recognized with Best Motion Picture of the year, in the Academy Awards 2019.

Book of the Dead – Funerary text associated with Ancient Egypt.

Jungle Book – A book by Rudyard Kipling published in 1894.


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?


Common word?

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