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Cote Divoire Basilica

In what African country can we find the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace?

Ivory Coast.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace is a religious national monument that was built in the country’s capital of Yamoussoukro in 1989.

This religious monument is particularly impressive for its size – it can not only accommodate up to 18,000 worshippers but it is also the 2nd tallest church in the world with 158 meters of height, only surpassed by the Ulm Minster, in the German city of Ulm (161.5 meters high).

What is the name of this pre-historical animal?

Auroch (Bos Primigenius).

This already extinct animal could grow up to 1.8 meters high and could be found in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia.

The last specimen was hunted down in Poland in 1627.

Auroch prehistoric animal quiz
Deep ibm computer quiz

What is the name of this machine famous worldwide for chess games played against Kasparov?

Deep Blue.

This supercomputer released by IBM in 1996 is considered an important milestone in terms of artificial intelligence.

It became known worldwide after a series of chess games against the Russian world champion Garry Kasparov.

The first encounter occurred in a 6-game series (won by Kasparov 4 to 2).

In 1997 and after an upgrade, Deep Blue finally beat the Russian Grandmaster, winning 3 games and drawing 1.

In what year was the great fire of London?


The great fire of London was one of the most relevant catastrophes of the time and according to some estimations destroyed approximately 13,200 houses and 87 churches (about 15% of the buildings in the city).

The fire originated in a small bakery and it quickly spread to the neighboring buildings since at the time most of the houses were made of timber and covered in resin (a flammable substance).

London Fire 1666 quiz
Van Gogh Red Vineyard

How many paintings did Van Gogh sell during his lifetime?


“The Red Vineyard” is the name of the only painting sold by Vincent Van Gogh during his lifetime and considered one of his masterpieces.

This fact is only possible due to the fact that Van Gogh was only recognized as a great painter posthumously (he actually dealt with poverty during most of his lifetime). 

This post-impressionist painting from 1888 was sold by the equivalent amount of 2000$ to Anna Boch, a Belgian impressionist painter and art collector, sister of a good friend of Vincent.

Many of his other artworks were sold by his wife after Vincent committed suicide.

What is the name of the learning channel created by John and Hank Green?

Crash Course.

It is a online learning channel on which one can learn about multiple different topics (religion, economics, science, history, literature, and more) for free on Youtube.

The brothers Green are famous vloggers (creators of the Vlogbrothers Youtube channel), while John is also known worldwide as a book author, and Hank as a science communicator and musician.

John and Hank Green
The International Jew

Who wrote "The International Jew"?

Henry Ford.
Published in 1920 with the name “The international jew: the world’s foremost problem”, this book was written by Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company. This book had a great influence in spreading antissemitic ideology and was widely distributed and highly regarded within the nazi community. This book was also one of the sources Adolf Hitler used to write “Mein Kampf”, Ford being the only american cited in the whole book – Hitler considered Ford an inspiration, keeping copies of The International Jew in his office in Munich as well as a portrait of Ford. Ford was also awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, Germany’s highest medal awarded to foreigners

Which 2 tennis players took part in the "Battle of the Sexes" in 1973?

Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.
Both former nº 1 ranked players, they play each other in one of the largest sporting media events – 50 million TV viewers worldwide. Riggs, a self-proclaimed chauvinist, claimed that women were inferior and could not handle the pressure of the sport. King ultimately beat Riggs 6-4 6-3 6-3 and this victory is seen as a huge achievement not only in validating the quality of women’s players but also in empowering women and undermining misoginism. A very famous tennis player, John McEnroe, stated that Billie Jean King was “the single most important person in the history of women’s sports”. This iconic confrontation also saw its own movie adaptation in 2017 with the film “Battle of the Sexes” starring Emma Stone as King and Steve Carell as Riggs.

Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs
Giant African Rat quiz

In January 2020, a famous rat called Magawa died. What was its job?

It was a bomb-sniffing rat.
Magawa was the most successful rat trained by the Belgian charity Apopo – in a five year career, it sniffed over 100 explosives in Cambodia. Weighing only 1.2 kg (2.6lb), Magawa was light enough to not trigger landmines when walking over them. It was able to search an area equal to a tennis court in 20 minutes and cleared more than 141 000 square meters of land in its career. Magawa was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal for its heroism.

In which movie can you find this iconic quote?

Click on it to find out the answer!

"We'll always have Paris."

Casablanca (1942)
This movie directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, tells us the story of an expatriate living in French Morocco during WW2 and his struggles with a former lover.

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