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In which region did Poke originate from?

Hawaii (USA).

Poke is a raw fish dish and can be served as an appetizer or main dish. Although there are nowadays many different versions of the dish, the traditional one comprises Hawaiian traditional ingredients such as sea salt, seaweed, candlenut and tuna fish.

What is the name of this mime artist, creator of "Bip the Clown"?

Marcel Marceau.

Due to his Jewish roots, Marceau hid in Paris during World War II, collaborating with the French Resistance for the whole period. When the war was over, Marcel Marceau could finally pursue his dream and study Dramatic Arts and Mime.

In 1947, the artist created his alter ego “Bip the Clown” and his silent mimed exercises served as a kick-start for a successful and widely recognized career. Marceau was indeed one of the most relevant mime artists of all time, having performed professionally worldwide for more than 60 years, founded his own pantomime school in Paris, and created the Marceau Foundation in the USA with the purpose of promoting the art.

oecd logo

What do the initials OECD stand for?

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The OECD was founded by 20 countries in 1961 to stimulate cooperation, ease development and ensure peace.

The organisation has grown in size and comprises 38 member countries to this date, with the vast majority of those being democratic and with free-market economies.

Who directed the movies "Letters from Iwo Jima" and "Flags of Our Fathers"?

Clint Eastwood.

Both movies are based on real stories and depict the pacific war conflict between Japan and USA during WWII.

Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) illustrates the conflict from the Japanese perspective while Flags our Our Fathers (2006) depicts the American vision.


In what city can one find the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery?


Père Lachaise is the most visited cemetery in the world (3.5 million visitors annually) and is particularly famous for some of the popular figures buried there.

The cemetery opened in 1804 by the order of Napoleon Bonaparte, to become the first municipal cemetery (and first garden cemetery) on the French capital. Since then, many notable French and non-French personalities from diverse areas chose to be buried there – Édith Piaf, Maria Callas, Simone Signoret, Frédéric Chopin, Jim Morrison, Marcel Proust, Marcel Marceau or Oscar Wilde.

In what series did Sasha Baron Cohen play the character "Eli Cohen"?

The Spy (2019).

In this TV mini series, based on a real story, Sasha Baron Cohen plays Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy specially recognized for his work in Syria, during the 1960’s.


meda mosque

What country currently has the biggest Muslim population?


With 231 million, Indonesia has the world’s biggest Muslim population (approximately 12.7% of all the Muslims in the world are Indonesian).

What element is the Beaufort Scale related to?


On the side one can observe a diagram representing the Beaufort Scale, relating each wind speed measured (in meters per second) with a certain Beaufort Number (from 0 up to 12).

Each Beaufort Number is associated with a Seaman’s Term (for example, “Strong Gale”) and with a possible destructive effect (for example, “Slight structural damage occurs”).

Winter War

The Winter War was a conflict between which countries?

Finland and Soviet Union.

The conflict started in 1939 with the invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union and ended three months and a half later.

The initial goals of Stalin’s Soviet Union was to expand their territory within the region allegedly with the objective of better protecting Leningrad (nowadays Saint Petersburg, located near the border between the two countries).

After suffering some severe losses, both parts agreed to sign the Moscow Peace Treaty, putting an end to the conflict and resulting on 9% of the Finnish territory to be annexed by the Soviet Union.

What band was obliged to adapt their logo in Germany due to similarities with Nazi SS?


The original band logo comprised two stylized “SS” with the purpose of resembling lightning bolts.

Due to similarities with Nazi Schutzstaffel insignia, the band was obliged by German law to re-create their logo on all album covers and merchandise, replacing the styling of those two “SS” with a different effect, resembling inverted “ZZ”.


band picture

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