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Why does temperature decrease with increasing altitude?

Decreasing air pressure.

Air expands as it rises, thus higher altitudes have a lower density of molecules. The fewer gas molecules (like nitrogen, oxygen, or carbon dioxide), the lower the chances of them colliding with each other, which is the process that releases energy and consequently raises temperatures – the fewer collisions, the lower the temperature.

Who is the author of this mural?

Diego Rivera.

Rivera (1886-1957) was a distinguished Mexican painter and a notable proponent of the Mexican muralist art movement. This one, named Man at the Crossroads, is currently on display at the 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, and portrays the contrast between communism and capitalism.
Rivera is also famous for his (inconstant) relationship with Frida Kahlo.

mount fuji japan general knowledge quiz

In which Japanese island is Mount Fuji located?


Mount Fuji is the 7th highest peak in the world with an elevation of 3,776.24 m. Located on the island of Honshu (the largest and most populous Japanese island), it is one of the Three Holy Mountains of Japan, together with Mount Haku and Mount Tate.
It has become an international Japanese cultural icon due to its remarkable symmetry and often snowy peak. Its last eruption was between 1707 and 1708.

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What is the acronym of the famous American actor labour union?


The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists is a labour union composed of around 160,000 actors, singers, journalists, models, and other types of artists from all around the world. This union protects the rights and well-being of its members, for instance negotiating contracts and ensuring fair wages, benefits, and working conditions.

resources general books

Who wrote the book One Hundred Years of Solitude?

Gabriel García Márquez.

This Colombian writer, winner of a Nobel Prize in Literature, is one of the most prominent 20th-century writers. Starting his career as a journalist, García Márquez found tremendous success as a writer due to his irreverent writing style, embellishing realistic situations with magical elements – a technique known as magic realism.

uefa euro championship

Where will the UEFA Euro 2024 take place?


The 17th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship will take place in Germany, in the cities of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Leipzig, Gelsenkirchen.
It will kick off in Munich on Friday 14 June and end in Berlin on Sunday 14 July.

osso buco lombardia milan

From which Italian region did the classic dish "Osso Buco" originate?


More specifically, it is believed that Osso Buco originated from Milan, the capital of Lombardia. It is a dish made from braised veal shanks, typically served with gremolata.

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statue of unity general knowledge quiz

What is the name of this statue?

Statue of Unity.

Located in the state of Gujarat, India, and at 182 meters, this statue is the tallest one in the world.

The personality depicted is Vallabhbhai Patel, one of the main figures for the Independence of India and also the first Deputy Prime Minister of the country.

gabon flag general knowledge quiz

To which country is this flag associated?


This African country became independent in 1960 and has adopted the current flag since that date.

gabon country format

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In which famous song lyrics can you find this quote?

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"And as we wind on down the road

Our shadows taller than our soul"

Stairway to Heaven

This song, widely recognized as one of the greatest ever, was released in 1971 as part of the album "Led Zeppelin IV".

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